Abhi ki Party

अभी की पार्टी शुरू हुई है।

It is said and you know it very well that "A pen is mightier than a sword". Well, not very interested in what a sword can do other that learning the precision it delivers when in on the job but I love the way the writing instruments can fashion out  & design the vista of unseen & impossibles of life.

This is about what I wanted to be granted as a wish in my past, that's very obvious when I tell you that I wanted a senior just like you in my College days. What I saw in you and why the heck I mean by this crazy jargon? You see my life was cool, I got most of what I wanted, but only after working like an ass towing water from around the world for it. So yes I was cool and the wits could surround anyone but in this hellish world full of mean people, greedy and self-centered one needs to be polished such that the person can tackle the situations and not vice-versa. I lacked a lot of talent that comprises of cleverness so that the world doesn't mistrust you and never disowns you. I consider myself worthy of having the luck that bounds me to the things I like and not what the people want from me. Someone very important to me says that listen to everyone and do what you think is the best. I do that all the time, though my track-record returned a highly inefficient resume to me. To correct this something good, someone good always happen in my life. Thanks for hacking all the way into my life and making fun of me (in a positive way :) ) that lead to stabilize my patience and increase my tolerance only to further up the emotional balance in my veins.

This may be a very boring piece of words but trust me I mean every word. I am nearing my goal in some way or other and my vote of thanks doesn't leave the station till it delivers the returns to you.

We friends love the wits and humor you've got that can make people occupied at all times giving them high enough to break the sweat in their bones. I understand you're getting what I'm saying as this is a public blog and the ethics policy doesn't allow my will to use stronger words. It was an adventure going for rides to the haunted to experience the supernatural of things and even better having a sip of hot tea in the cold or rainy or smoky weather of Delhi. We've individually seen different versions of you and most were not that humorous but since we respect you a lot, we laugh at all times. Please continue throwing that raw utterly meaningless words that can surprise the lower substratum of wags among us.

Please treat this as an extension of that meagre gift I'll present. Please continue to ignore my cons and stay put by giving me the chances. I assure you to amaze you on and on. Happy birthday bhaiya!

Nailed it!

P.S.: I suggest you exercise caution after reading this whole, as you may require meds of superior nature available only at few places, you know what I mean (GWL or AGC type special hospitals).