How silly of me?


Things are fine now. Thanks for the help. It seems that I'm more rude than imagined. I came to know that I was running away from the past and the mistakes so made back there. It is also very clear that friends help to carry away the burden long delving in the mind, stuck there like a worm. I'm grateful for your help. I was wary of my nature as it was turning out to be more arrogant everyday. I had this very adamant ego clouded all around so much that I took it as attitude. Attitude differs from ego we've studied and known well. Thanks to you guys to make me realize that ego is always a root cause of misunderstandings. Feeling happy and way more peaceful at mind.
Apologies for my earlier mistakes and a one on one session would be fine for us to clear any more misunderstanding lying amongst us. It'll be better that you announce your arrival weeks ahead and tell them to everyone at once. Together as a team, we'll be less inclined to make mistakes. You guys were partially very correct when you told me that group has to adjust, make space for all to accommodate every thought that might suit & soothe leading to greatest times of fun and adventure.
Ego clashes will come again hence and forth but if we try to amend our behavior the frequency will reduce to zero, and that I think is the goal of life. So friend I hope that this Philosophy lecture stands true to both of us and ensures a way to slimmest of problems.
Take care. 😀

P.S.: This message was composed in one go, so it's better it stays with you unless interpreted the correctly. Others are cordially invited to read and share an opinion.