अब तुम बच्चे नहीं रहे, बच्चे!

I believe that you've become more intelligent than before, or let's say that it happens with all normal people with average or above average intelligence. It's high time and no one wants to let it go. Switching from Philosophy; I can't forget the day you were born. You can't imagine how much jealous I was. I thought that mom will stop loving me because you were getting all the attention. What happened was quite different; In fact what happens when a brother gets a little sister, he gets really lucky, she comes at an ex-officio position of being the bro's best friend. Very often may seem to be a bit less but above mentioned social animals also exhibit the natural animalistic tendency and fight a lot. Both regret but they rarely ever mention these so-not-cool emotions and I respect that a lot.

Till you happened, I was alone child mostly afraid of bullies (and I know you too helped beating an opponent of mine when I was small and you were like 'tiny'). It took long to adjust in the world where every other person is eager to mess up with you. When I started to deal with these situations, then only I realised the times weren't tough but I was much scared of the negative outcomes (equalled in my head). You too have to deal with the things, to adapt the conditions you're facing now (and yes, it goes exactly as written in our biology textbooks when they explain evolution).

Pacing up with the environment you'll adapt the ambiance simultaneously dealing with different types of tempers. You have to accept the impossible, handle the things in situ. Bad times come for all but since we're well connected, we know how to cope up and survive well while steadily accruing XPs to get close to our wins.
Hence it doesn’t matter whatever happened, now time is in your hands, and it's completely on you to take a blunt advantage of all that.

Stop chasing luck and follow your dreams, somehow your heart knows the exact balance of what you need and what you want. It also knows very well that how to achieve the impossible. The hardship it requires lies in yourself although it may happen that sometimes it takes time to calibrate how to use your body's potential and your mind's unwillingness to work in tandem with each other. The gist takes us to the simplest advice your mind is not willing to accept, that go ahead with you thought best and who knows how good you do. 

जब कोई मंज़िल हासिल करने की मन ठान ही ले तो वह तक पहुचने में मन आपको भी सोने नहीं देता। समझ प्रबल है की उस मंज़िल को हासिल करना अत्यधिक आसान हो जाता है। 

Wishing you the best of times and a very Happy Birthday!