[Raw*] Resolution: The New Year Blog

Happy New Year! Best words to start this one. Sticking to my resolution to be___. It’s nothing new for us humans having an innate ability to procrastinate a lot and mostly all the time. Oh yeah!

Afraid of the future and agitated with the past, I was unable to put myself together and do something with my career.
Ditch the emotions.
The memories you have can be cherished throughout life, but the present isn’t going to come again.

Face your problems peacefully with courage.

Now is the best time. Don’t find a time slot to procrastinate.

Realise your mistakes and start saying Sorry. Apologise for your bad behaviour. Accept your mistakes. You’re not here to show your ego because even if people won’t accept or tell you in face, but they care for you. A simple “Sorry” can solve that much of problems that you can’t even imagine.

Stop thinking mundane.
Be Happy

Tell them that you care for them.

Arrogance & Ego are bad, even for you.

You share many relationships in your life, mostly the vivid part sticks around your academic life…
What it does to you? What it makes you? Where does it lead you to? You meet people, fall in love, make friends, do the most amazing of things, discover new things…

We take new year resolutions every year, some make it and some don’t. but most people find themselves wandering around their habits, they find their mistakes, they try to correct them, many do succeed and again the world is always left with some who stuck somewhere in middle and make their life suck. Just think if we stop committing things to ourselves every now and them and make a habit of not changing ourselves but improving at every feasible point.

The world keeps changing and the life goes on.
Resolutions on No-resolutions, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re true to yourself and your commitments.
So stop taking mere resolutions, ditch your stupidity, find peace, keep calm, be happy and start living your life instead of living it for others (or others living it for you).