An Open Letter to my Intoxicated Friends! [Updated]

Hey buddy, you need to read the following carefully and understand it well that like you, everyone other has the same feelings and desires, their Haves and (have not's) Have-Nots. People will not always likely in the mood to count you in or listen to your quests. You may become an expert in boozing and joints but some of us are never in the mood to get high in your distinct style (smoking, drinking, searching for more liquor in the wake of the night, then finishing this recently bought bottle, and then getting in the mood to eat, exactly when the rest of the world starts getting up from the bed). We like to have snacks only as our starters, food as main course and actual deserts as deserts instead of you guys eating the food in the end. I totally understand that you can't drink after eating but dude, you've got to respect our Dinner timetables.

It is often and very frequent for me to hear from you that I'm being a moron or jerk (or, being highly frank you never use this good jargon to address me) for not allowing you to drink or to smoke in my room. You of all the rest should understand that this is actually the individual difference and my personal choice beside my ethics that don;t allow me to do all of this. I've never done that and hopefully I'm not in a mood to do so in the future as well. You've got to respect my boundaries, as meagrely you're not solely the one among many social animals that exist in my inner circle. When a person doesn't like anything and regularly resists doing that, then you should have the decency to not ask for your desire s the person next to you gets frustrated by your presence.

Enjoying a movie at a cheaper ticket in some odd place in the town makes great sense when my sole presence is amongst you. Then you start comparing this with a person who does the job of a peon at my place to whom I committed for a movie, which in fact happened to be at a higher price what I spent on you. This strictly doesn't mean that I value you better than him. Of all, I didn't expect this from you, taking things to the most mundane level, the monetary way. Come on friend you need to grow up and get over your sense of loneliness. At the end it'll only be you who has to made a decision of whether to share a friendship or a business relationship with me.

You dudes always poke me for mingling one's life into another; just look at yourselves when you magically make me popular among your better friends and make fun of me. I hope you really do enjoy the laughter because I never do. And in my vocabulary this process sticks very close to the hybrid of backstabbing and mingling stories.

When we became friends, I didn't remember signing an agreement in which the rules were laid out to support drinking or smoking for good. Also in the friendship agreement, there stays a clause of mutual understanding and caring besides respecting one's personal and professional boundaries. I seriously take things at heart when a good friends starts demotivating or demeaning me, (and you know what, every normal person shares the same feeling).

P.S.: I really don't care what you think of me from now on because I'm frustrated of what's all that's happening and I expect your decency to grant me the privilege of letting me be myself, stop dictating my life in a negative fashion and enjoy Happy Times when we meet.

This still is might still be an unfinished article, which needed to be was published right at this that very moment for you to understand the little things that matter.